• 8 Pack Bluex Bulbs Disco Lamps

    About this item

    • Strobe Effect. Liven up any party with Bluex Bulbs Party Light indoor. Each light in this 4 pack is furnished with RGB LEDs, illuminating single- or multi-colored combinations to produce colorful lighting effects in beautiful abstract patterns.
    • Decorative Lighting. Perfect for homes, nightclubs, bars, theaters and halls, these Bluex Bulbs Disco Lights dance party lights will turn any setting into a spectacular light display. Use them for holidays, weddings, birthdays, dance parties, concerts and other festivities.
    • Remote Control. Easily change the color, mode and rotating speed of these Party Disco strobe light for parties with a simple press of a button. The included remote controls allow you to choose among three sound-activated modes, seven lighting modes and rotation speed.
    • Energy-Saving Lights. Enjoy artistic lighting and save money to boot. Each Full-Color Party Lights Dj Disco Lights contains three, 1-wattage LEDs, enduring for longer periods of time and using minimal energy to save you money on electric bills.
    • Easy to Use. Just plug and play to create an illuminated, colorful display with breathtaking strobe effects. Bluex Bulbs RGB Full-Color LED Party Disco Light Bulb also come with brackets for easy attachment to the wall, ceiling and other locations.

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